air purifier

Chameleons rub their eyes to clean them out during misting. If a cham isn't able to sufficiently clean their eye out during a misting session, they may continue to rub. How long do you mist for each time you mist? Its best to mist for at least 5 minutes each time so that the cham has plenty of time to clean its eyes, drink, etc.

i mist for 4mn 3x starting at 12:00 then again 4mn 4x from 3:30 to almost 4:00.

the mist runs for 4minutes then off for 1-2 minutes then on again ,in the afternoon it runs 3 4minute on cycles then it runs 4 4minute 0n cycles at 3:30.

the pump im using can only run for 4 minutes at a time.

then a spray mist with a pressure sprayer for 20 minutes in the afternoon.
What kind of pump are you using Fate? I'm trying to get a misting system but i don't want to blow $250 plus on one. I'm really not trying to go the cheap route, but i don't have a need to mist a million cages, just 2.
when i got it i needed it fast so i could not research it much,i got it from big apple herp for 50 something dollars it cannot run more then 4-5 minutes i am hoping it last till the end of this yr. or summer then i can buy a shurflo or the one from rainmaker or promist.i have 5 cages connected.
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