Age needed to introduce male and female?


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Hello, I have a male ambilobe that is a little over a year old, I also have a female ambilobe that is around 4 months old. At what age does the female need to be before I can introduce them to each other, would it upset them to have them in view of each other? I am not intending on breeding them, I am just curious if they can be visible to each other and at what age if so?
If you don't plan to breed them, don't let the female see a male. It can trigger egg production.
Females need to be at least 12 months old before breeding. If you introduce the male to her he will most likely try and mate her even if you do not want that to happen.

I cant see any need to introduce them really unless you want to breed.

Keep both out of each others sight to avoid stress and egg production from seeing a male.
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