Age my Veiled :)


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I've had him since Feb and the petstore has no idea of his birthday. I'm guessing 6 months ?


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that ma'am... is an implausible task.

At least give us something in the photo to scale to! and show us how big he was when you got him :p

then... then we will guess :D :D
He's handsome. I would guess 5-6 months but it's tough to say. As said, something to compare him to would be as good idea - but it is still a challenge because they all grow at different rates.
Here is on your in my bed you can see him close to the phone . He's a cuddle bug I can't even clean his cage without him trying up come out


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I'd still say 5-6 months. I'm basing that on casque size, coloring and overall size. But since they grow at different rates it is just a guess.
That's my guess too. Just like asking around :) !! My thermometer and hydro combo work great ! I have a couple different ones to be accurate tho
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