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I may have missed it..ive been scrolling threads for a LOOONNGGG time lol...ok so i know panthers can be sexed fresh out the egg...and the "bulge" is a tell tell sign of a male...ok got that part.. now what i am not clear on is at what age aprox. does the bulge become present...2 weeks..a few days...3-4 months...just curious.. ive been looking for a male and have seen alot of panthers but all seem to be too small to have a noticeable bulge.. unless they were all girls lol..
9 times out of 10 the bulge is visibly present out of the egg. You get a few that aren't as well developed and its not a bam here it is but it is there subtly.
Ok just wondering cuz...yea I'll never be able to tell the difference....maybe on a 5-6 month old
Hahaha, you will get the hang of it. The breeder i got Articus and Banshee from sells young as unsexed. I have spent some time showing him but he just dont see it.
Lol I sympathize with gov cuz neither do I lol after looking at hundreds of pics...i think im more confused now then I was before lol
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