afraid or what?


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I have a 2 month old veiled chameleon and I think he is afraid of his medium sized cricket(1/2 - 1 inch),I know they are a little big but that is all I have right now. The problem is is that a cricket came up to him and he puffed up and started hissing and lunging at it. I dont know if he would eat it because I usually a have em' powdered in vitamins and calcium, that shouldnt do anything though. Should it? He always ate good when i set them one at a time on his vine and when they walked around the cage with powder on. What could be the problem?
Find one of those small independant pet stores in your area...usually they carry smaller crickets. Even try an independant fish store cause a lot of times they have a small collection of reptiles
When he is an adult he will go after massive food items but right now he may just simply not realize that it is food. A general rule of thumb that a lot of keepers go by is to never use crickets that are longer then the distance between the chameleons eyes.
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