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I have the perfect area in my home for an awesome screened set my questions are my house is very loud(very busy) most of the time and we also have a large dog will it be too much stress the set up would allow plenty of hiding areas. What if any would be the best species for my situation. Thank you
High traffic for a newly rehoused chameleon is stressful, after they have been given the time they need to feel comfortable. It shouldn't be an issue so long as people do not constantly try to stick their hands in their enclosure, poke, or excessively stare or stand by the enclosure. I would suggest putting the setup in your room so they have time to warm up to the new house and owner. If you do not have that luxury then make a cardboard wall around the enclosure and put a do not disturb sign on it so they can have privacy. Make sure to start hand feeding immediately, do not reach in to hand them the food either- let them come out. You will want to start right properly socializing your Cham at a young age so they do not become anxious stressed animals especially if you plan on them being in a higher traffic environment. I will say that you really shouldn't be purchasing a veiled in this situation because they can be VERY finicky compared to other species and aren't nearly as forgiving as a panther. I understand panther are more money but you can purchase a male panther for around 200 and that's with shipping from the chameleon company. Just seriously take this into consideration because veileds do have special needs for socializing.


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Hi, and welcome to the forum.

As the others have said, no species of cham can tolerate the high traffic
and a large dog, even if they are up higher and have hiding places.

Please reconsider buying a cham until you can provide it with the proper
invironment :)
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