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i have been doing my research here and am planning on getting a veiled chameleon as soon as i get the cage and everything set up. my question is would you all reading this just take a quick moment to type out a piece of advice that u feel would be important to me. i'm not new to animals or reptiles, i've had turtles and currently a big bearded dragon. but i know they are all unique. so if u would please find it in ur heart to do so, leave me a quick note, maybe just something that u feel would be important or something u have had problems with. thank u in advance! :)
Welcome to the forum! My best advice is do as much research as you can and then do more. I've had my panther chameleon since January, researched and planned for 6 months before getting him, and I still learn something new everyday! This is the best place to get info. Best of luck :)
Go to forums,general discussion and look at the first thread and it will give you a good starting point!!! If you have any questions after that I'm sure someone will be happy to help!!! Welcome to the forum:)g
Handle rarely...they're really not that hard to care for.. If you have the right cage and lighting with a simple set up... You'll be fine.
I think that from what I can see the biggest things are getting the initial setup right and then making sure to get a good variety of different insects. If you have reptiles already then yuo will know the basics about it all.

find a vet now, before you need one - make sure they know chams :) ( and then start a vet fund :eek:;) - I keep a "vet fund" , and just used it last week:p )

good luck, and welcome to the forum :D
Looks like you got some good advise, do your reasearch, ask questions and have fun!!
Glad to have you here at CF :)
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