adult male attempting to shoot tongue at receptive female?


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Both are adults. The male is an adult WC male that has mated successfully in the past, though he's shown aggression before bobbing in the past, before eventually calming down and doing his thing. Yesterday, when a receptive adult female (just over a year) was placed in his cage, he bobbed his head for a second, then became aggressive, put his beard out, and started moving towards her as though he was going to attack. I quickly removed her from the cage. After giving him a minute to calm down, I attempted to show her to him again, on a piece of bamboo (thinking that my presence might have been what pissed him off). He opened his mouth and seemed to be seconds away from shooting his tongue at her. Was he trying to eat her?
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I have had one or two adults that had gotten so mad at something (usually the camera) that they shot their tongues at it. I dont know if they would do that at a female though?


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If he's that mad he would have attacked her most likely. You may want to try a neutral site or introduce him to her cage.
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