Adorable Baby Jackson Story!


Yesterday I gave my 12 baby Jacksons' (they are 1.5 weeks old now) their first batch of pinheads. Previous to that they had been on fruit flies and tiny silkworms. Needless to say, it was a slaughter! I've never seen chams so excited to see a new food!
This is where our story begins. :D haha.
As they were feeding, I noticed one of the more active babies hunting from a branch not far from the feeder cup. He shot, grabbed, and started chowing down like a champ!
Suddenly I see one of the smaller (girl, I think!) babies slowly slinking down the branch towards the first. Long story short, she saw the cricket being chewed in the mouth of the first baby, thought "Mmm... That'd be tasty..." and shot at it. She grabbed it, pried it from the first babies mouth, and swallowed it in the blink of an eye! For a second they were both holding onto it and it looked like hungry wolves fighting over a bone. I guess she was too lazy to hunt herself! She quickly fled the scene of the crime.

As my finance said, "He got 99 problems, but a cricket ain't one!"

I sadly didn't get my camera out in time, but I will upload pictures of them little later anyway :)

I love these guys. They are so comical! Its like ChamTV 24/7!
Anyone else have funny stories?! Does this happen alot?! :)
I defrost my pinkies in a glass of warm water. For added enjoyment i do this in the cage. The lizard tries to eat the pinky while its spinning in the glass. We call it "pinky tv".
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