Admiral Ackbar's New Enclosure Design needs Assistance


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So, I'm working on Admiral Ackbar's Enclosure. I have til July 5th to get it set up right and everything. The original design was 65"T 20"W 38"L frame (that included the stand). But just recently I decided to change it up a bit. So now the frame is pretty much the same size. The enclosure itself is different. I wanted to much the enclosure different, Admirals personal paradise (hes going to be 1 spoiled little guy). So this is what I've come up with (don't mind the drawing, I suck at drawing).

Frame 65"T 23"W 38"L (Stand built in)
Enclosure 40"T 23"W 24"L
Free Range Area 40"T 23"W 14"L
Stand 25"T 23"W 38"L (Divided in 3 sections for 2 feeder bins, and a mistking bucket)

I sat on the frame when it was put together the other day, I'm using the 1x1 for the frame, and it held my 150lb weight without a problem. But I was thinking about using plywood to seal up the stand for a little more support. That should work right?


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Going to be buying the 36" arcadia double bulb fixture with the 6.5k bulb to cover the free range and enclosure . The lights will be somewhat enclosed and screened off so he cant get hurt. Thinking about getting another basking light to hang of the free range. He'll able to come and go when he wishes (when we're home).

My other issue right now is that hes still a baby and I think that 40" might be to much of a change... Whatcha all think?
Here's part of the frame and the drainage tray for the free range


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16 days to go! We had a medical emergency a week back and all the money I saves up for the boys was used on that. But Im getting some money Saturday from yard work, so we will see.

So should i keep with this plan and just get some extra wood for another enclosure.
Doing yard work and thinking about taking some of these branches and stripping them to put in the enclosure.

Oh and anyone have any suggestions on the enclosurs?
Since I think talking to myself is fun, Ima do it again lol jk.

Anyways I was looking at these branches and thinking about doing a free range tree out of one or two of the branches with I couple of vines going back and forth. Get some artificial leaves and attach it to it as well. Saves money, so why not.
I do the same thing every time I'm outside doing yard work too... I start trimming the trees and bushes and start looking at all the branches and getting a bunch of ideas for how my chams could use them lol. Just be sure to sctub them with anti-bacterial soap and make sure they are thoroughly dried out so they won't seep any sap or mold/mildew inside the cage (which I'm sure you already know).

Back to your earlier post... I like the idea of your cage/free range combo so I would build two of them instead of spitting the frame and making two cages. It would be neat if you built it on casters/wheels so you could wheel it over and park it next to a larger free range from time to time. Maybe that's a little bit much but I like you original idea just as it was too:)
Yay someone likes my ideal! I have the part of the frame built but doing yard work for the landlord has ceased the building process.
I know that everyone is waiting for an update on the enclosure so... I dont have an update yet. But as my mind always wonders, I'm finding myself doing some rethinking. The boys will be 5 months old when they get here. They're still really tiny and I was thinking.

Would the 40" be too much for them?
Should I bring it up a little, then when they get bigger, enlarge it?

I just dont want to overwhelm them suddenly. I can always cup feed and handfeed thats no problem. Just dont want them feel overwhelm
Frame work for enclosure 1 is almost complete. Going to take the bearded dragon enclosure apart (Freckles wont use it.) And use the plywood thats on there!
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