Adding mistking nozzles


So I might buy a starter misting system off of someone. It only comes with that one nozzle. So my question is what other parts would I need to purchase so I can mist two cages?
Could I get that nozzle also at a hardware store or would I need to go through
I've checked no hardware stores have nozzles. Mistking is a Canadian company so you will probly have to order from a company in the us
I would get the starter kit a T nozzle or additional nozzles you only need 1 L nozzle(comes in started pack) the T nozzles are the ones that continue the line. (edit: 1 or 2 nozzles per cage works fine depending on how huge your cage is)if you don't have any hardware stores around i would buy some of the extra tubing all in one bundle from Mistking or where your buying from. Mist kings are pretty great and i was not even slightly disappointed with mine.
AZ is US based, and their nozzles will work just fine with the same size tubing.

I believe there are places to purchase MK nozzles in the US though.

You could also try ebay, or put a classified ad out that you are interested in buying some on this site.
Thanks a lot guys I really appreciate it. So your saying the az nozzle will work with the mistking?
Ummm, it does not matter that MistKing is in Canada. You can order from him. I have placed 3 different orders from him and have had no issues.
I know this is an older thread but in case someone needs. Home Depot and Lowes in the USA sells these that work.


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