Actual Pet Store Conversation...


Chameleon Enthusiast
(I am at the local CetPo buying some vines and crickets)

Clerk: What kind of lizard do you have?
Me: I have a chameleon.
Clerk: Oh that's so cool! I am getting a chameleon!
Me: Yeah, he's great, but he's really high maintenance. Be prepared to drop some dough getting everything you need.
Clerk: I was reading on the internet that people say they need misters and drippers, but all our chameleons drink out of bowls. That's easy. Lol!
Me: And all the chameleons here are half dead from dehydration. They shouldn't be shriveled and black. I've complained to your manager twice now about their care.
Clerk: (finishes my order without another word, scowling)

I didn't mean to piss her off, but as my husband says "I have no filter".
I hate it when people say "I read/heard that most people do this but I'll just do whatever is easier/cheaper."

That's like saying, "Most people bring their kids to school, but I'll just write the alphabet on the piece of paper and give that to them instead."
He says the chameleons drink from bowls, but I doubt they actually DRINK FROM BOWLS... They have probably never touched a bowl of water, they probably get their only hydration from the skinny half dead crickets they eat from petco.
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