Abscess on chams mouth and back


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My chameleon has recently shown a growth of what seems to be an abscess on his mouth. It started out as one bump (it kind of looks like a wart) but has grown in just a few weeks to a abscess of 3 bumps on top of each other. He also has a bump on his back side that looks like it needs to shed because it is white but has not regained his green color. I’m not quite sure what to do or if this is life threatening for him. Any advice is greatly appreciated!image.jpg



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I'll be the third to recommend a vet visit. That spine is way out of whack.

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Something is definitely off with him. In addition to the growths, his spine is curving in a way that it definitely should not be. I'm afraid a veterinary visit is your best (and likely only) course of action
When I brought him home 3 years ago, his back was already crooked and I took him to the vet for it the first day I got him. Thank you, I will take him to the vet.
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