About to lay!! :D


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Hello all!
I am very excited to finally say this, but my female Verrucosus is in her trash can laying bin, and is digging right at this moment. She is about 10 days away from being gravid for 3 months. This has been very stressful, because I thought she would have laid by now. I am happy that this will be over, until it gets closers to hatch time. I will upload pictures when she gets done.

Wow, it is great that you have some good to off set the bad. Are we starting a number of egg contest? Do I get a free baby if I win????
Congratulations!! How exciting! My guess would be 18 :) Best of luck to you, I hope all goes beautifully!
I'm going to guess 17 eggs. We'll see about that baby Laurie, maybe I'll send one, or just tease everyone with pictures and keep them all :)
I think she is taking a break for the night. Their lights would be going off soon, so I need to check on her to make sure she hasn't escaped. Hopefully some eggs in the morning :)
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