a word of warning (free range)


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I feel awful to even admit this but hopefully it will help some one else avoid this mistake/negligents.
I've been free ranging max for alittle over a week now, I've done my best to chameleon safe the room, power cords up, smooth 2-3' board bocking the door (because he could sqeeze under).

anyway the other day I walked in the check on him and couldn't see him, which isn't socking because he can hide well, so I was moving in still looking in his tree (and not watching my feet well enough). next thing I know I felt my foot bump something... it was MAX! :eek:
I knew instantly what or WHO my foot had come in contact with, I froze and looked down to a very paniced little guy (he was reaching up trying to climb up and clearly shocked). I picked him up and he was nearly running all over my arm, obviously still sort of afaid. I must have told him I'm sorry a dozen times (tho I know he doesn't hear or understand, I felt horrid.)

I do not think I did any real damage (no obvious brusing, no trouble breathing ect) I watched him close and after it placed him on his tree he settled right down and after a few minutes was back to his old self. anyway it seems this was a near miss that could have been much worse, for me it was a lession learned, WATCH my step! hopefuly others will learn from my mistakes rather than making them themselves. so please if you free range or just allow your chameleon some "free time" while cleaning, make sure the room is safe, watching opening/closing doors and WATCH your step. yes they're normaly up high but they can and will get down (or at lest mine does)

P.S. it's been about a day and a half and Max shows no signs of injury, eating, drinking and sleeping
i would not free range my chams because i would be scared of forgetting them and leaving the house not realizing it so i stay on the safe side :)
What a fright for both of you, I'm sure! Mine routinely walk across the floor so this is always something I'm aware of.

It's a risk but not a big one if you get used to being vigilant. If you seal away their designated chameleon room or area, then it's just a matter of scanning the ground while you walk. I have 6 of them running loose in the apartment and I haven't had any close calls, but I have a lot of practice watching my step with all the puppies/small animals we've had lol I can tell you I've definitely stepped on my dogs more times than I'd like to admit, but by now I'm always vigilant about what's on the floor.
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This is actually one of the main reasons I haven't tried to free range them yet. I'm thinking of having it set up so they can't really get to the floor *unless they fall*... All hanging plants and such.
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