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Those have a zipper. Do a search for Reptarium on this site, there has been much discussion on their pros and cons.


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yes screen reptarium with a plastic frame, you slip the screen cover over it and zip it closed i believe...can be used on its side as along cage or standing up like a tall one..im still debating on getting one.. i find just as many pro's as i do cons..go figure lol guess its all up to what you like.

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I have one of those - I used it for my " sick cage" - this was little Gail in here- it has good points- you can flip it a few ways, so it can be long, or tall- depending on the way you set it up - & you can take the whole screen off ( its all one big screen, zipper ) and run it thew the washer - and the frame is PVC - so I was able to take it completely apart to sanitize it - but what I did NOT like was its hard to see thew- and her toe nails got stuck really easily - its also really rough - so like you can not really wipe the bottom up - the poo gets stuck in the webbing- its almost like a double webbing - I would not keep a healthy cham in it , I just really did not like it- but thats just me - plus the zipper got stuck alot - but you may like it- you get alot of cage space for the $


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