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    so....we have 9 chams....which means a lot of water and drainage hassles when there's no good "system" set up and you're working with the furniture you already have and a limited budget in regard to where to set up the "set up". lol.

    my new solution: cheap foil turkey basting pans and the wet/dry shop vac that the previous renter left in our garage. :) the pans cost $1 each and even though a few took a little re-shaping to fit into the smaller cages...i basically have one pan under each of the "main" plants in the cages and i make sure the dripper is situated to drip into that plant/pan. at the end of the day, i make one round with the shop vac and presto....no more standing water, extra leaves and poo are sucked up and cages are fairly "clean". (standard thorough cleanings still have to be done of course, but as far as a daily routine and decrease in the previous processes i've tried...it's awesome!)

    i think i just re-gained HOURS of my life back each week!!! :D
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    Sounds cool, but can you post some pictures about it! Personally i dont know what exactly "foil turkey basting pans and the wet/dry shop vac"are, so some pictures maybe light it up :)
    Thanks in advance ! :)

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