A sad find...

Oh guys, so since I will be moving to Colorado in a few months I have been browsing Craigslist for a variety of things (I think hoping to find a diamond in the rough as far as supplies go!)

Now I came across this ad (http://fortcollins.craigslist.org/pet/5333459829.html) and man this poor veiled looks rough. I wanted to know what you all think, as it looks like his casque is bent and he looks both dehydrated and malnourished.

I can't do anything as I am in Alaska and he is in fort collins but I almost wonder if I could get ahold of some one who could.



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Yes, he is very thing, but atleast he doesnt have MBD. This can be fixed with food and water! I hate it though.

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Call the police. These days they would at least seize the animal, criminal charges are still a joke at this point but they are finally toughening up in that they at the very least follow up on calls and make the right move. You might wanna tell the police to pose as an interested buser so the seller can't cover it up by saying they already sold it or they were selling it for somebody else. If you find a really nice veterinarian who's willing to call AND say this animal is bieng mistreated the odds of them investigating would be almost garanteed. That's all I can think of right now, if someone will call the police perhaps suggest that they tell the owner to surrender the animal with the equipment in exchange for not bieng charged, they'll likely take rhat deal and run with it, and offer to adopt the animal. Hopefully something happens, I still don't have much faith in our government in most regards but animal cruelty prosecutions and sentences are bieng taken much more seriously than they were in the past.


It depends on the area, but the majority of humane agents won't lift a finger to help a herp. It's how I ended up with my last three, because I tried that first and the only option was to pay up and do it myself.

You might be able to find a local rescue to take him in if someone can cover the cost of what the owners are asking.


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Guys! Guys! Be realistic here. Sure that chameleon is a little on the thin side but it is FAR from abused.
I agree. This animal is lucky to just be thin (not even emaciated), not severely stunted, or broken limbs, obvious evidence of infection, living in a little fish tank, etc. The casque is a fairly normal appearing variation, not a sign of disease. This cham will probably benefit from a better home since it's being sold so the current owner probably has lost interest. But to call this abuse will desensitize people to true abuse like the many 3 month old veiled chameleons that I see with all limbs broken from metabolic bone disease.
I agree with ferret and trace. I looked that picture over many times looking for disease or neglect and all I saw was him being dehydrated and a little scrawny.

I got a message from Jannb earlier this evening and she recommended to post him on a facebook group so someone in the fort Collins area could see him and adopt him. Which I feel is reasonable, they should be experienced and willing. I was just astounded to see that the seller wanted $200 for him with the state he is in for now after having come across several panthers in healthy condition for around the same price.


My veiled started at $175 for the same type of thing, only she had apparent MBD from the start. (I did not pay that much for her or her things, no way was I rewarding that.) The types of owners who emphatically post photos of less than healthy creatures for sale sadly don't see anything wrong with their animal. But they do see what other chameleons are selling for and ask the same because $$$, and because they originally purchased from a chain store.
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