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I've added a new luxury condo to the "office". 3/4 of the way there!

This one turned out to be easier than I orginally had anticipated. This entertainment stand was free and within 10 minutes of my house. Its 2 of the towers with a bridge at the top.


One or two of the shelves was a little bit of work as it was set into the cabinet. I busted it out and used some putty to fill the bigger gaps. [Just cause] Then I hit it with a slight bit of a random color stain I had to blend it better than bright white. And removed the window - simple gasket removal and the whole window came off.

Afterwards, I sprayed a nice base coat of Flex Seal (clear this try). Next was the easy part, I actually had enough screen from when I did my hutch to do this. I personally use a compressor and a staple gun to screen mine and go back over it with flex seal and/or silicone caulk. I drilled 2x 4-1/4" holes in the top for lighting - I plan to add either LED strip/tape lighting or just modular lighting for plants.

I use little "eye screws" and florist wire to attach the fake vines to. This allows any wandering plants and skeleton to grow over. I hit any new holes and scratched with a brown satin spray, followed by the flex seal. There was a cut out for cords in the bottom which I screened and repurposed. Then it was just a matter to shooting a few nails into some plants to attach them to the walls.

The final project cost me less than $40 and about a weekend of my time. Most of what I used was left over from my hutch build. I'm thinking I may have to drill some more holes for air flow, maybe add a CPU fan.

Thanks for looking!!


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Love it! Some of my nicest stuff was free and then reworked by myself. It’s a very satisfying feeling to have something that looks like it cost a fortune but really was just a little work and creativity. Great job, keep up the good work!

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Beautiful! :love: I'd really love to do this with an old china hutch at some point!

Really the reason I post these at all is for people to see that it's not so hard. I actually was trying to get some feedback, but just realized I never really included any kind of question up there, lol.

The hutch I did was my first build. It was more work as it required more demo and tedium. I learned a lot from it and now have it down pretty good. My hutch took about 2-3 weekends. This one took 2 days, most of that time was paint drying/fumes evaporating.

Thanks for the look ;)
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