A Puzzle.


I've a male Panther who is around 18 months old tops. He is an intermittent feeder and is no real problem to look after. He follows on from a large male Panther recently deceased (And missed) The Panther has an equal rounded nobdule at the front of his lower jar, it's hard and seems to cause him no problems. It's something I have not seen in the past. Can any of you answer whether it's been seen in the past.

I can send a photo id required.Size wise I'd say it's about 1/4 inch alround and rounds off his lower jaw. It causes no problems when feeding.



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We need to see a picture and he needs to see a good chameleon vet. If it's something that's infected the infection can spread if not treated.


Many thanks.

I'll post a photo this evening, not sure about Chameleon vets. I'll explore the possibility after the photo has been reviewed.


A puzzle

As promised a photo showing the lump at the base of the jaw. The previous owner has stated this has been on him from 6 weeks old when he purchased him and I've seen no reason to believe it affects him in anyway.


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