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With Beman getting older, I have been trying to find special things I can cherish when he is no longer with me.

I found a local wood working artist in a facebook group. And I engaged him to do this picture of Beman on 16x20 reclaimed wood. After 8 weeks of waiting I just got my piece of Beman art yesterday from him. (he is a busy guy lol) This was his first time doing a reptile. I think he really did a wonderful job and captured the moment. Here is his site if you are interested in getting one for yourself. https://www.signedinwood.com/

The first pic is the original picture. One of my favorite pics of my boy. The second is without the flash and third is with the flash so you can see the detail. Pictures do not do this justice.





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So talented- I can't even draw a stick person.
Beman is even striking a pose for ya. (y)

About 20 years ago I would have been "FAT HEADING POSTERS" for everything.
Just found this. COOL! Thank you google search


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Thank you everyone! Eric the owner of the business does everything by hand. I thought it was pretty special how he sees the original and moves it on to wood.

I highly recommend him if your wanting something original. Do the larger size though rather then the smaller so he can capture all the details.
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