A light question and a glow-up

I'v had Armand about 6 weeks now. He hatched in June and I got him September 13th. This picture was his 35 day comparison. I can't believe how fast they grow. I shared it on his IG but I thought i'd share here too.

I also have a question about lighting. I've been using a compact coil uvb, the kind that fit in a double bulb hood style fixture. I just got the new one in the mail though, it's an 18'' linear with a 15 watt T8 tropical bulb that came with it. I know there's better bulbs to get but can I use this one for a bit or is it useless?

My other question, is my guy, usually right after misting, likes to get the crazies or something and climbs all over the place, including across the top screen. He even hangs out there like a green bat for several minutes. Just eyes closed, totally chilling. He never seems stressed while he does it, he just gets a bit frisky and then like to chill close to the light. His basking branch temp is usually between 80-85 and only 1-2 degrees warmer at the top of the screen where he climbs. I've experimented different ways with vines and setups to try to keep him from doing it because I worry about his toes and the tip of his tail which he also uses to climb, but nothing seems to stop him. So I worry about just putting it on top of the cage. My question is how far away should I put it to hold the benefits? Or do you know other tricks to keep him from going all acrobat cham on me? I'll add some setup photos for reference. Thank youuu:)


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The T8 is fine, though, in my opinion, t5HOs are the best. Either way, it’s way better than a coil bulb. Chams will climb on the screen until they outgrow it, but you could always add some more branches and vines
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