A few pics of my green tree python...


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This is an 18 to 20 month old, captive hatched, Biak locale, green tree python about 3 feet long or so.
This guy helps me get my 'exotic tropical' fix until I find my parsonii ;)



Great snake. He's got a lotta blue for a Biak too!

Beautiful viv too :eek: I've always wanted to do something like that for mine but I was afraid the upkeep would be too much of a pain. Does he "rearrange" the plants frequently?
Thanks for the compliment. This guy has just the right amount of yellow, blue, and white flecks. His only down side is that he is a bit nippy, but I expected that from a Biak.
Actually, the plants are doing very well in there. They are still in their original pots and surrounded by peat moss and orchid bark, so they are well packed in there. The live plants do great at keeping the humidity up.
Is it definetely a male? I have a five year old male that goes absolutely bonkers pacing his cage for a couple months each winter. I know that at that time of year he would destroy all the plants very fast. Hmm, maybe I could do a cage like that for most of the year with an unfurnished cage to put him in during winter....

I was just looking at the pics, and again, I just gotta say that is one of the coolest looking GTP vivariums I've seen.
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