A day of firsts!


I came home today and was told he was shedding...was is the key word. Whoever said it is like they burst...was not kidding! It looks like his skin blew off all over the bottom. I got some new, bigger scheffleras last night and took the small one out and only washed them off and didn't get a chance to repot yet. I need to now clean out the cage tomorrow, it all over the place. Also, I got him to eat off my hand. Made my day after a kinda crappy day at work. Also, after this shed...he rather striking now! Gone from greenish with stripes only visible thru pictures on my computer, to visible striping now, not as visible as say jannb's veiled, but alot more visible than before. I will get a pic to post then. I'm looking at getting a panther from someone I met at the last reptile show, not sure of his name on here, but chameleons by design. Really nice chams, and not all that far from me, very nice people.
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