6500k light at walmart!!


so i was at walmart looking at the lights the other day and noticed that they have some 6500k CFL lights... i know, i know... cfl = bad.... but not these. i tried the light on my panthers cage first. the plants are going into a great grow phase and there are NO ill effects on the chameleon. then i got another for my veilds cage about two weeks after the trial run on the panthers cage. im hoping that this light will give some life to the not so filled in hibiscus in his enclosure. so if any of you are wondering which lights they are its these.


ps... im just posting this for anyone who is interested in getting some extra growth out of their plants in the enclosures. all my umbrellas are doing fine i just needed the "umph" for my hibiscus.
From my experience, I couldn't get enough umph from 8 x 4ftT8 fluorescent cage bulbs. Hibiscus really needs a blast of light, from multiple angles including the top if you are to have it grow exclusively in the cage.

Best of luck,


it seems to be okay so far with my smaller hibiscus. if the bigger one doesnt pan out i'll switch over to a large umbrella plant in my other cage.

and i just bought it at walmart. not online. sorry no link. but im sure walmart.com will have it:D
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