6 or 12


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id reccomend a 6%, ive had problems with the 12%. Unless you have an adult male veiled In a very densely planted viv, then a 12% would be more appropriate


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I got a solarmeter to measure the UVI levels after listening to https://www.chameleonbreeder.com/podcast/ep-91-veiled-chameleon-lighting/
I was Running a 6% in a quad lighting fixture with basking at 7 inches. Lighting on top of enclosure with screen in between. Your levels will be different based on the fixture meaning 1 bulb or 2 or 4. Also what reflector your using. What the light is passing through. If you have a fixture with more then 1 bulb where it is located in your fixture. And what brand of UVB bulb your using.

Anyways when I measured my UVI reading using the solarmeter I was not even at a 1 using the quad fixture with 6% at that distance. You also have to allow for how far up your cham is going to be in relation to your branches. I got a 12% to replace my 6% so that his range of UVI will be between a 3-5 at branch distance of 7 inches accounts for how much higher his body will rise above into the rays.

I have foliage so he can get out of the rays should he want to as well.

I highly recommend ordering a solarmeter. So you can get an exact reading based on what is needed for your Cham and what your are using in your set up. :) Only base yours off someone else's distance etc if you can mimic it exactly to be sure you are not over exposing to UVB as well.
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