6 month old male veiled for sale

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Hi everyone,
I have a 6 month old male veiled for sale. He is in excellent heath and is starting to show some very strong coloration. Hes been supplemented regularly and has always had uvb exposure. If interested email me at [email protected]. I am now able to ship this chameleon in the lower 48. I will try to post some pics in the next couple of days.

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Pics of veiled

here are some pictures of this little guy... was not very happy about having pictures taken

Update on veiled for sale

hi everyone
Here are some better pictures of this veiled. The coloration of this male was very distinct from the get go and has just turned into a real awesome cham. these pictures do no justice to his true color. You can just barely see in the pictures the sky blue that is accented all over this guy with very strong greens, oranges and yellows. He would make an awesome addition to a breeding project. I would prefer a buyer with some experince with chameleons as not to send him to home that does not understand the needs of these creatures. I am able to ship this chameleon in the lower 48!!! if interested email me at [email protected]




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Where are you located? If you are near Los Angeles, I would be interested. You can reply back to me at [email protected] because I hardly have the time to check this website out. I'm an experienced chameleon keeper.
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