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Site Sponsor offers the following gut loads:

Cricket Crack- The best known high quality dry gut load is made with 20 ingredients. For over 10 years the best selling gut load in the chameleon hobby.

Montane Cricket Crack- With a different ingredient list as the original Cricket Crack, Montane Cricket Crack is formulated to fit the Montane species of chameleons.

Bug Buffet- The only dry gut load I would rate as high as Cricket Crack, Bug Buffet is top quality as a dry gut load containing over 16 ingredients

WOW Chow- The ingredients are fewer than what is in Cricket Crack and Bug Buffet, but WOW Chow has 11 quality ingredients, and is a bit courser in it's texture.

Roach Bedding Chow- There are 3 ingredients in Roach bedding Chow, and it is courser in texture than all the above chows. This chow is 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of the premium chows listed above, and is used to grow large colonies at a lower cost. Many users use Roach Bedding Chow to raise their main colony, and then switch the feeders to the premium chows for 2-3 days to gut load the feeders with the premium chows.

Super Chow- There are 5 ingredients in Super Chow, which was developed for feeding Super Worms. It is a bit courser, and so much better than just feeding Super Worms bran or oats.

If you can't decide, order our sampler pack, you can try each for a minimal cost.

If you buy 1 pound of any gut load, or 10 pounds of any combination of gut loads, the shipping is just $19. If you add feeders or supplies, the order ships for $19.

Please see our webpage, to order.

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