55 gal tank, what to get for it???


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Hey everyone,
So I've got a nice 55gal, 3'x1 1/2'x 2'. Looking to get a lizard that is semi-aquatic and is a climber. I'm going to add on a screened section on top. So far I have been looking at Chinese water dragons. They are actually the only ones I know 100% are semi-aquatic. I want to get a pair because I want to get into breeding, I'm also going to be getting a male Senegal Chameleon to see if I can get my senegal Karma to breed, but that will be in a bit once she gets comfortable with the male. Maybe a year or 2, or see what happenes in time.

Back to my Question, so vertical space is not a problem, im planning on having the tank full or almost full then having more vertical cage area above it.
I do want someting I can also handle, Senegals are WC (karma's no exception) so they are not overly comfortable being handled, although she is getting somewhat use to it.
So any suggestions would be great, size is important though, I don't want them getting over crowded, and need them to be semi- aquatic... I'm a water baby and love watching my pets have fun in the water.
So far I have 3 fire-belly newts that 2 are still young and stay on land( exo terra is going to be set up for them soon, and I also have several tadpoles and frogs, 2 of which are leopard. They are in their own tank aswell.
If any suggestions please let me know their common name and adult size, just so I know some basics before going into reseach fanatic mode...
O fyi, the tank is currently beeing used to house about fifty guppies and the newts, if the lizard eats guppies, that's a bonus also. The guppies will be in a breeder tank that will be below Karma's set up as she has a facination with watching the fish, and occasionally dunking herself into the water, which is y I have about 20+ plants that grow from the water, grow into the water and grow right over top.
O and no snakes, have a weird anxiety about them. And turtles, can't handle, although they are entertaining...
BTW the pic is of Karma in her handmade(by me) cage...
I'm thinking I might start up a buisness with making them since they are really great. Would anyone be interested in them if I started doing that?


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