5.0 or 10.0?


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i am purchasing a new veiled chameleon, 6 weeks old or so, and I was wondering which would be better, 5.0 or 10.0 for UVB. He is in a Flexarium full screen Terrarium with a Repti-Glo linear 24" bulb and fixture. I was just curious about enough UVB getting through the screen...if anyone could give me any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated..
In a flexarium, I would use a 10.0 IMO, the mesh is so dark and thick that not all of the UVB gets through, so a 5.0 would be more like a.. 2.5??
I use 10.0's on all of my Reptariums-the darker mesh definitely filters out most of the rays.
I would agree with all thats been said. Test have shown 40% lost in UVB projection through flexariums. And the florescent tubes will slowly start to lose it's UVB radiation output after the first 15 minutes of use. I would recommend buying a UVB meter, this will ensure maximum use of your tube and also indicate the right time to change.
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