4th of July babies


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My nosy's started hatching today. I just peeked in there and 2 are out 7 more are slit and coming out and 6 that are sweaty and getting ready. These are my first panther babies. Do I take them out of the vermiculite once there dry and put them in their new cages right away? I got their food ready to go. Pictures coming after the fireworks. Robert
Congrats! Hope they do well for you....and that you enjoy them while you have them!

You can take them out of the incubation container once they are up and moving around. It won't hurt them to stay in there for a while, but they may disturb the ones that aren't out of the eggs yet.

I usually try to brush most of the vermiculite off them with a soft kleenex so that it doesn't end up in the cage with them.

I even use a fine mist spray to rinse-off the fine particles of incubation material. Doesn't seem to be a problem to rinse them if you want to shine'm-up :).
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