3 Month CB Nosy Faly from Amazing WC Sire "Paul Revere"

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Beautiful Nosy Faly males available from our incredible Wild Caught sire "Paul Revere"

These stunning males are perfect in every way and will display amazing colors when mature. Their strong f1 genetics make them perfect for any breeding project or being kept as a pet.

Males - $225 + shipping

We offer a live arrival and 7 day health guarantee.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions

Sire - Paul Revere (wild caught)

Dam's brother (that we also own) to see her side of the genetics

Examples of the available males

We NEED to make room. Have more Faly babies growing up behind these. We are slashing the price on these guys to

$175+shipping for males
$150+shipping for females.

A fantastic deal on REAL Nosy Falys from a beautiful WC sire and 100% Proven CB lines (Kush/Triton).
The Sale is over! We freed-up some much needed cage space.... but we still have some awesome males and females available at great prices for 100% pure Nosy Faly :)

Males: $225 + shipping
Females: $175 + shipping

These are F1 offspring from an awesome Wild Caught sire and a beautiful captive bred female from proven Nosy Faly lines.
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