2nd Hand Enclosure Cleaning


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Hey everyone,

I was originally planning on building a custom enclosure in a few months time, but I was checking craigslist the other day when I saw someone posted a Dragon strand clear-side atrium for $150. Its in great shape and I jumped on the deal taking this bad boy home.

I took all the pieces apart and scrubbed every inch of it clean using dawn dish soap, and made sure to hose it down before putting it back together. I'm not immediately ready to deal with the next steps of setting it up so it will likely sit in a corner for a month or two until I have ample time to prep it.


(images: Disassembly process, parts drying after cleaning, and the final re-assembly)

I was wondering if there are any additional steps I should take to clean it out/ disinfect it before I eventually transfer my cham over.



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If the animal didn't have coccidia, then what you did is probably more than enough. If it did have coccidia, then you will want to use something like high % hydrogen peroxide all over it. The chances that is necessary is super low, but as most here know, it's a horrible thing to deal with should it come up.


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Thanks for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated. The person who sold it was really nice and through talking to her it seemed to sound like their previous Cham had likely died from cancer at the age of 5 and didn't have parasites.

Still I like to take the safe route. The other thing is the enclosure hasn't had anything living inside it for about a year so idk how long bacteria/parasites can stick around without a host?
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