2017 Best Photo

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2017 Best Photo

Poll closed Jan 19, 2018.

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  1. Brad

    Brad Administrator
    Staff Member

    Chameleon Photo Contest
    :D Best Photo 2017 :D

    view entries

    Our annual Best Of competition includes the 12 monthly photo contest winners from the previous year.

    The winner will receive a forum medal, a 2018 calendar and a $10 iTunes gift card.

    entry deadline: 2017
    voting: Jan 6 - Jan 18
    contest results will be announced on January 19

    Judges may be used for this contest. You can find more information on our contest system in the thread linked below.

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  2. timw1

    timw1 Avid Member

    Very hard to choose.
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  3. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Aww! My Little Elwood is in there.
  4. Davecameos

    Davecameos Avid Member

    All of them are so beautiful.
  5. Tattersb

    Tattersb Avid Member

    G:):)d luck everyone! :cool:
  6. Julia777

    Julia777 Established Member

    Chams are such soulful little creatures. I love all of the pics. We have some amazing photographers on this forum.
  7. Julia777

    Julia777 Established Member

    I want to know when the next cham calendar is coming out, and how to order one...
  8. Decadancin

    Decadancin Moderator
    Staff Member

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  9. Brad

    Brad Administrator
    Staff Member

    Voting ends Thursday :alien:
  10. Davecameos

    Davecameos Avid Member

    Who will win? Exciting :)
  11. Tattersb

    Tattersb Avid Member

    I love a good contest!o_O
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  12. Twitchet

    Twitchet Chameleon Enthusiast

    I can’t take the suspense much longer!:LOL::confused::)
  13. Brad

    Brad Administrator
    Staff Member

    Sorry everyone. I had to go out of town this weekend so the results won't be announced until Sunday evening.
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  14. Miss Lily

    Miss Lily Chameleon Enthusiast

    And the winner is ........ :D
  15. CJ's Exotics

    CJ's Exotics Chameleon Enthusiast

    You're just making my anxiety worse.
  16. Decadancin

    Decadancin Moderator
    Staff Member

    Now where did that "unlike" button go...

    I swear he does this to us on purpose...

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  17. Decadancin

    Decadancin Moderator
    Staff Member

    Sorry @Brad, I just love that emoji :LOL:.
  18. CamrynTheCham22

    CamrynTheCham22 Avid Member

    The suspense is overwhelming! Such a prestigious award! The best photo of the entire year, I can't wait much longer. We will have our answer soon enough!
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  19. Decadancin

    Decadancin Moderator
    Staff Member

    @Brad needs some time management training :LOL::ROFLMAO::D!!!
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  20. Brad

    Brad Administrator
    Staff Member

    The Results

    [​IMG] 2017 Best Photo


    1st: ponders
    2nd: Action Jackson
    3rd: Action Jackson

    Congrats to @ponders for winning the medal. All 12 photos were excellent and it was very difficult to vote for just one. Thank you to everyone for voting.

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