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Hey Everyone.

I travel a lot for work, usually its only a day or two, and I have a buddy come over and take care of my Chams. Its usually back and forth from LA to NY because I run an office on both.

One of there servers just blew up and I will need to be out there for two weeks.. Now, I am not worried about water, as I have mistKing with a big enough bulkhead to last that long. But my question is feeding.

Ive seen like timer things for cats that open up once a day for food, has anyone seen anything like that for crickets??? Or maybe modded one that could work for crickets??

Anyone else have any other ideas? Other then having my friend stay at my place for the two weeks?

2 weeks is a long time to be away.


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Hmm, a tough situation there. I don't know of any auto-feeder besides the cheapo exo-terra ones that are not really automatic. I would suggest having your friend go there once every 3 days and give your chameleon a load of crickets or dubia, maybe a double serving in a cup so that they won't escape and bite your guy. Chameleons can go days without food, but of course we don't want them to suffer. Good luck OP.


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How old is your chameleon? If he's 6 months or older he can skip a day or two between feedings, so you can have your friend drop by every other day or every two days, depending on his age. That's quite a bit less work than coming over daily.


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Blue bottle flies (pupae) will get you threw a week, they hatch over a period of several days. Not sure about two weeks that might be pushing it. Hopefully some one can chime in about that.


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Bb have very Lil nutritional value, I would find a sitter. I have a sitter when I leave for just a couple days. Its best to have someone you trust look after them. That way you can get updates.


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Well I am finally back from my 2 weeks away from home. My male and female all look fine. I got home late last night, so they were sleeping, but I was expecting some sort of reaction from them (well atleast my male since the female still hates me) when he saw me, but Nope... hahah... Just the usual, where are the crix look. :rolleyes:

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I've done this several times in the past with both my Turtles and my chams.

The answer is 'free range'.

I left a cup of about 30 superworms (lightly coated in multi-vitamin and oats for them to bury in at will) in one corner of the enclosure, and about 2 dozen free roaming crickets in the enclosure along with i large carrot, a sliced up orange, and some dry gut load for them to eat at the cage bottom. My cham was fine when i got back and in fact hadn't eaten all the crickets nor the mealworms.

Add in some BB pupae in an open deli cup and your cham will be fine...

Chams don't need to be feed every day.

The water is more important and sounds like you have that covered.

The only concern would be the accumulation of feces that will be present when you return.
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