2 Questions About Misting


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(I'm going to be getting a Jackson's Cham soon, don't have it yet.)

1. How many times throughout the day/night should he be misted? I'm getting a starter MistKing but don't have it yet. I live in a place that can get about 95 degrees in the summer at most, and very cold in winter, if that helps.

2. Will I need a dripper if I have a MistKing? Stupid question, probably, but I already have a dripper so I was just wondering.

Sorry if the questions are stupid, I've done research but I just want to make sure. Better looking stupid than having a cham die. Thank you if you respond!:)
I keep Parsons which is also a montane, so maybe this helps a little... @JacksJill is our resident Jackson chameleon(you heard that right).

I mist heavy morning and evening, when the sun has the cage dim, but the lights aren't on. This may be overkill for jacksons but I do about 25-45 min nonstop morning, then 20-30 min(depending on the day) in the evening. Once a week he gets an hour and a half misting in the morning. I know some use foggers at night, but up to this point I have chosen not to. I am in the process of setting up an automatically refilling dripper(using my mistking), but haven't used yet. Over the summer I set one up outside and my cham never looked at it so I stopped bothering in favor of heavy mistings.
I mist my Jackson's 5 times a day. I do a long misting, 3-4 minutes, shortly after UVB lights on then basking lights come on. During the day I space out 3 short mistings 15-45 seconds to create drinking opportunities and bump humidity a bit. How long of mistings you will need will depend on your local or indoor humidity. During the day I try to keep them in the 40-50% humidity range. About an a half hour before UVB lights out and after the basking light is out I do another long spray. I also try to do a couple of 5+ minute hand mistings per week. I use these to make sure they are cleaning their eyes and getting a good long drink. I use drippers now and then but I just use a 16 oz bottle with a pinhole in the bottom. I do this any time I see urates, the white portion of their poop, that is showing to much yellow or orange. I run an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier for a few hours 1am-4am to boost night time humidity above 90% in the cage.
To deal with this much water you will need a good drainage system.
@JacksJill do you notice jacksons drinking off leaves? And are they fast to drink? My parson's will take a good 10 minutes of constant mist to even think about drinking. It's like he doesn't realize there's water drenching him. Then refuses to drink water off leaves, he only sticks his mouth open and licks his lips. These guys are really in no hurry for anything
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