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I tried the shower tonight beacuse Im worried about dehydration and want to get a shower into a weekly schedule, He really seemes to dislike being out of his cage, I might try a diffirent technique next time, any suggestions?

She may feel more comfortable in a plant that provides better cover. How long did you leave her in the shower? Did you see her drinking?
yeah, you may want a little more coverage than that to make him feel comfortable. If he is startled and watching his back he wont drink. Once he gets use to the drill, im sure he will happily take advantage of the weekly showers. Don't give up.

we use a fairly large (almost 3ft high and 18-24" diameter) plant that i totaly forgot what it.s called but its more of an umbrella type tree... but anyway, he crawls in it until he finds where he feels like being (depending on how much water he wants on him and how much shelter he wants) so that way, when he wants to change, it's up to him! i leave the shower on for 30ish minutes or if he looks satisfied, sometimes less. he wears the pants in this relationship!
Looks like the water is falling too heavy. Point the water into a wall and place the plant so it rebouds off the wall onto the leaves. The drops that bounce off the wall are plenty smaller than those that fall directly from the shower head. This softer spray usually is more pleasant for chameleons. In my opinion, you want a pretty thick and dense plant. The water will get to your chameleon either way, but they will be more enclined to drink when they feel safe.

Also, careful about the temperature. About room temp is fine, and possibly the slightest bit warmer.
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here is a downshot taken while lymorg was showering (oh i feel so dirty! ha ha) but he is in there but hidden pretty well he seems to like it!
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