150 watt heat lamp excessive ?

Hi everyone!

I find myself having to use a 150 watt bulb in my heat lamp in order to get the 90+ temps for Carl's basking spot. Does a 150 watt seem excessive ?
I was having a hard time getting to 85F with the 100 watt bulb I had in there this morning.
The main basking branch is about 10" from the lamp with some smaller twisted branches that let him get about 7" from the light.

Carl is a 3.5 year old male veiled.
room temp is 75F most days, we live in Canada so it is very dry and cold most the year.


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Chameleon Mike

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Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun -58℉~1022℉ (-50℃~550℃), Yellow and Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DMI632G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_23SgDbJE0X5QG

Way to much. Get yourself one of these to check basking spots. You should only need a 50 watt baking bulb or maybe a 75 if you're house is cold. Usually a regular household light bulb, 60 watt, is sufficient.

My set up is in the basement. When the lights go off it drops to around 68 or 70. I use a 50 watt during the summer and go up to a 75 in the winter.


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Definitely seems excessive. He’s main basking perch should be around 8 inches away from the basking spot. I use a 75 watt floodlight bulb with a dimmable lamp. And if you don’t have one already get yourself a temp gun so you can get a accurate reading.


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Wayyy excessive. Your struggling to get the temps you need because your basking spot is too low in the viv. Being that low is also putting him outside of the recommended UVB gradient. The location of your basking branch is determined by your UVB type and strength, then adjust your basking lamp based on that location.

Also, laser temperature guns are nice, I have one myself, but do not replace the need for a analog/digital thermometer for ambient temperature. Laser guns can NOT measure air temperature, only surface temperature. They can not be relied upon for setting up your basking branch.

What kinds of lights are you running? I see you have several.

Start by moving your basking branch to here and tweak it from there.
Have a question about changes that i have made to the setup. let me know if this looks better.
Carl has been hanging out on the top of the new branch under the uvb light.


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