100 free silkworm eggs with purchase of dry chow

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Dry 1/2lb pack of silkworm chow sold for $11.. get 100 free READY to hatch eggs. Comes straight out of cold storage and hatch within 10 days of arrival if kept at 78 degrees.

Dry pack makes 2 lbs of wet chow.

Please go directly to my website。。 can I list my website here??
Limited supplies only. Promotion subject to change with out notice. Eggs are ready to hatch within two weeks after arrival, provided the right conditions are met. Keep at 78 -82 degrees with glass of water or wet sponge next to the hatching chamber for humidity. Please google on DIY incubators.

Eggs are laid in natural pattern on paper by my own moths. They come straight out of cold storage to your house and are ready to hatch at 100%. As opposed to glued down petri dish, these eggs are laid right side up, do not overlap, and their natural glue do not melt under high humidity. High humidity compromises the hatch rate and can dissolve the glue in the petri dish which causes the hatchlings to stick to the melted glue and die. Be sure to purchase a piping bag for your chow too. To have the eggs hatch at the same time you should black box them for two days after they have turned gray. It is ok to let them stagger hatch if you just have a small quantity of eggs, as this allows to feed off at the optimal size you wish.

This button is for Chow and FREE egg only. Please purchase color chow separately.
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