10 Chameleon Feeders and 2 Amazing Insects

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Silk Worms

We hatch silk worms from eggs and have various sizes available at times. You can purchase Silk Worm chow with directions if you want to grow them bigger. They will also eat dandelion leaves, and mulberry leaves. We ship in insect cups, and grate just enough food for the trip to your house, avoiding having the food in the cup dry out. Please email nick@bllc.net for availability, these sell out quickly….

50 Silk Worms $15.00

100 Silk Worms $25.00

250 Silk Worms $35.00

500 Silk Worms $50.00

4 ounce Silk Worm Chow $5.00

Horn worms

We raise Horn Worms from hatching eggs, so we have various sizes. We send the Horn Worms in cups with enough food to last a few days. You can purchase dry Horn Worm chow with directions for cooking if you want to grow them bigger. Another option is to feed them bell peppers or shredded carrots. We will pack the cups with as many worms as possible to reduce your shipping costs. On smaller hornworms we can send 50+ in one cup.

All counts will have extra!

12 Horn Worms $15.00

25 Horn Worms $19.00

50 Horn Worms $29.00

100 Horn Worms $45.00

Horn Worm Chow 4 oz. $5.00

BABY Super Worms

Zophobas morio, has rapid movement, screen climbing, and softer skin than mealworms. The adult super worm is too big for baby chameleons, so we are offering BABY super worms for sale. These are about 5/8 inch long.

1000 Baby Supers $19.00

Bean Beetle Cultures

We culture Callosobruchus maculatus, a tropical, prolific species. The larvae eat black-eyed peas; the adults do not eat. The culture needs no water, the adults need no food; this is a no-care feeder!

If you have baby chameleons, Carpets, or Pygmies, Bean Beetles are a great feeder; they climb screen, plastic, branches and glass, getting within range of your timid eaters, and are the size of Hydei fruit flies.

What are the best things about this feeder? The Bean Beetle is 30% higher in protein than crickets, ounce for ounce! The second amazing fact is the adults do not fly (glide a few inches really) unless the culture is crowded. If the culture is crowded, you get fliers! So you can control your feeder to become a flier! How cool is that??

$10.00 each, or 4 for $35.00

CARE SHEET upon request at nick@bllc.net

Rice Flour Beetle Cultures

We culture Tribolium confusum, which is a prolific species. Packed in Rice Flour the adult beetles are about the size of hydei fruit flies, perfect for baby chameleons. No hydration is needed; store at 78 degrees for maximum production, lower temperatures will slow the production.

$10.00 each, or 4 for $35.00

CARE SHEET upon request at nick@bllc.net

Sipyloidea sipylus, Madagascan Pink Wing Stick Insect

The Pink Wing stick insect is similar to the Indian stick insect in size and color. The differences are that the Pink Wing can fly as an adult, the nymphs are bright green, and are quicker moving. They feed on blackberry leaves and can be housed with Indian stick insects.

100 NYMPHS for $25.00
CARE SHEET upon request at nick@bllc.net

Carausius morosus, Indian Stick Insect

The Indian Stick Insect is the most common stick insect raised for study in universities, classrooms, and as a feeder. Adults reach 5 inches, and the Indian is very soft, so chameleon’s can take a bigger Indian Stick easily. Nymphs and adults can be housed together; they eat Ivy, blackberry, and romaine.

100 Nymphs for $25.00
CARE SHEET upon request at nick@bllc.net

Green Banana Roach

The GBR is my favorite all-around feeder. With the BRIGHT GREEN color, and the quick movement to catch the chameleons’ attention, this is a hunger strike breaker! Smaller chameleons can still take the adults, and if they escape, they die quickly at room temperature, much faster than Dubia roaches.

50 mixed-sized nymphs for $20.00
100 mixed-sized nymphs for $40.00
CARE SHEET upon request at nick@bllc.net

The GIANT Green Banana Roach

In the above picture, you see a GIANT adult female next to the smaller regular GBR.

The GIANT Green Banana Roach is 3 times bigger than the regular GBR. The GIANT GBR is a lighter green than the regular GBR, but if you have Jackson chameleon or bigger, the GIANT is for you! The GIANT GBR take 5 minutes of care, once a week. They die quickly at room temperature, much faster than Dubia roaches.

50 GIANT GBR mixed-size nymphs for $20.00
100 GIANT GBR mixed-size nymphs for $40.00
CARE SHEET upon request at nick@bllc.net

Chinese Mantis Ooths

We get the largest Chinese mantis (Tenedora sinensis) ooths collected in the US. These Ooths will produce about 300-400 nymphs, which are just the right size for new chameleons or Pygmies. The ooths can be stored in the refrigerator and will have good hatch rates into August. The ooth is glued to the lid of the insect cup so the “zipper” is facing down. The zipper is where the 2 flows from the female mantis merge; all the nymphs exit the zipper, so it must be on the down side. To hatch, just put the cup in your chameleon room, the hotter the room temperature, the quicker they hatch.

Be sure to have Melanogaster Fruit Flies ready, they will eat a bunch! If you keep lots of FF in the habitat, they will not do much cannibalism until 2 more molts.

Ooth in 80-ounce hatching cup/excelsior/humidity foam $10.00

Amazing Insects With Personality!!

Phyllium philippinicum Leaf Insect

The philippinicum leaf insect is one of the easiest of the leaf insects to raise. Similar to the Australian ET stick insect, it is slow moving, and easy to handle. The females grow to about 4-inches long, and are quite bulky. I feed them mostly on wild blackberry leaves.

1 NYMPH for $10.00
5 NYMPHS for $40.00
CARE SHEET upon request at nick@bllc.net

Extatosoma tiaratum (ET), Australian Stick Insect

ET is one of the best stick insects for children to handle because it is a slow mover. Easy to feed, blackberry and oak leaves are the best choice. The ET is one of the bulkiest stick insects around.

1 NYMPH for $8.00
5 NYMPHS for $35.00
CARE SHEET upon request at nick@bllc.net


We ship USPS Priority and use an insulated box with a CryoPak temperature regulator inside. The CryoPak heats or cools to maintain 68 degrees in the box. Between the heavier box wall, insulation, and CryoPak we offer the same protection that you offer for your chameleons when you ship them. West coast shipping is typically $15. Midwest and East coast is typically $20. You will receive a tracking number from USPS via your email. Shipping costs are figured for each order, so email us your shipping address and we can figure out your shipping costs.


We use Pay Pal; our account email is nick@bllc.net. Be sure the shipping address on the Pay Pal account you pay on is correct, we ship off the PP paperwork, unless emailed to use another address.


We guarantee live arrival, and satisfaction on your order. If your order has any problems, we will resolve them quickly, to your satisfaction.
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The Silk Worm eggs available are having very low hatch rates, the FRESH eggs are due in this month, I will have silks available in January.



nick barta

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Free Bean Beetle culture with orders until March 15th!


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