1 days food for my female panter


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breakfast feeding today
2 wax worms
2 large meal worms
3 crickets

dinner feeding today
1 roach that I decided to try to feed her and she took it much to my surprise.
2 crickets

All gut loaded

I let her eat how ever much that she wants. Does this seem like to little or to much?
she's around a yr old. how would I measure her? also what do I need to weigh her? I have pics of her under the general forum. I use to own jacksons along time ago.
I let her eat what she wants. somedays she only eats like 4-6 crickets. I started a notebook to track how much she eats and when. yes she laid about a month and 1/2 ago.
How big was the clutch? That does seem like a lot. With females you have to be careful not to overfeed or they will lay more infertile clutches and larger clutches each time. It's a delicate balance between not feeding enough and overfeeding. I'm still trying to master the art. :) Sandrachameleon has a blog here that includes a food diary of her chameleons.

It's here.

I've been looking at that a lot. It's also a good resource for a lot of nutritional information in the other blog sections.
I feed my adult panther(male) every other day about 6-7 feeders. Maybe a little less for a female then.
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