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Caught my Male & Female (both a little over a year old) hanging out and feeding together today, what an awesome sight. Right now I have them free ranging in a 7' fig tree with a huge umbrella plant. The female typically sleeps in the umbrella and the male on th edges of the fig tree. During the day they often spend time in close proximity of each other with no signs of aggression or mood changes (because they are young). They both have feed bowls but today the Male came over to the female side by side and they both started shooting away into the same food bowl. Fortunately my mother in law (79 years young):eek: is staying at our house due to a broken leg (its almost healed) and monitors their behavior when we are at work and has never seen any aggression. She will be going home next week so I am almost reluctant to put them in the cage as they are doing really well in the free range. They are getting outside sun in a huge pant (closely monitored on overcast days)and they eat like pigs as is typical for this species. I just ordered the Preminum Trinal Aquazamp (MADE IN THE USA!) from Kevin and will be getting it next week and once installed they will spend most of their time in the cage:( to their dismay!!!! Anyway this is very interesting in that with all my years of experience keeping Jacksons; 1 year olds would never get this close to each other without a squabble or for the female putting on war colors!!!! Enjoy:)

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Yes they are truly a beautiful pair, I got them from luvelvet better know as Mr. TR HERP.....Thanks for all the comments:)
Dang it. :mad: I knew I should have gone with my original version of that question: "Who produced them? Luis?" Great choice!

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They're both beautiful! I'm probably in the minority, but I prefer the females of this species. Such clean lines without the horns. Simply beautiful.
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