1. Shedding Sucks

    Shedding Sucks

    Meller’s chameleon kicking off his shed.
  2. LLLReptile

    LLLReptile YouTube Contest is ON!

    The LLLReptile YouTube channel is here - click to see the video of details plus all of our educational videos! To enter the YouTube contest, just make a video 2 minutes or less about why #ScalesAreBetter (by the way - chameleons have scales too! They're just shaped differently ;) ). Email...
  3. Zajlol

    my new video on youtube

    this is my no name sambava panther chameleon, hes super friendly and love to come out! here is a video of him:
  4. heartben

    Darwins color so far (short video)

    yesterday i had darwin outside and he was throwing off some cool face colors. all i have is a flip cam so theres nothing i can do about the focus but you can more or less see it. he had some crazy like.. neon pink/yellow and some purple and sometimes he had lines over that. he is a circle...
  5. heartben

    Whos got a YouTube?

    Just curious who all here makes cham videos (just for fun, tutorial/educational, feedings..whatever) I will sub to all of you. my youtube is heartben right now almost all my videos are private but i will be posting cham videos once i get my editing software back on my comp (recently put...
  6. philanddeb818

    just for the fun of it Of course we want you to RATE & SUBSCRIBE! More coming! Plus BLOOPERS!
  7. chameleonneeds

    Some ones using FLcham`s pictures of their chams.

    Ok I was on YouTube and found a video of a picture slideshow with chameleons I checked the description the guy said its all his new chameleons that he is breeding. I found that highly unlikely, theres like 60 chameleons. So I checked his page or whatever on youtube and he says he wants to...
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