Whos got a YouTube?


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Just curious who all here makes cham videos (just for fun, tutorial/educational, feedings..whatever)

I will sub to all of you. my youtube is heartben

right now almost all my videos are private but i will be posting cham videos once i get my editing software back on my comp (recently put in a new hdd)

anyways, link your page or post your username :)

(btw i did search and didnt end up finding a thread like this)


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woops. i genuinely didnt find it (not yet) but if someone else wants to dig it up and bump it this thread can be deleted.

sorry about that!

I'm sure nobody minds. We've already subscribed to each other on Youtube, and I'm always putting adverts for my lizard video album on the forum - it's in my sig.
It's a rubbish channel I've got. No educational value, average quality videos, not even a soundtrack........I like your first video - similar in lots of ways to my first Chameleon video :), so let's see how it develops - will you make a really professional one or a lazy 'online photo album' one..............


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I have two...

figg2112 has quite a few cham videos...


And out other one which I am going to start using more from now on

Only a few vids on there so far but they are nice

Now that's a professional looking Youtube channel, not like some of the lazy, half arsed youtube channels with stupid stoner Crow videos in them that you get sometimes being hawked around on these forums..........
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