1. Little Boy Wonder

    Little Boy Wonder

    Sonny showing of his massive and beautiful long horns 🔱🔱 It’s like they keep growing.
  2. Clumsy horns

    Clumsy horns

    Sonny drinking
  3. Zen Sonny

    Zen Sonny

    Bonsai Ficus Retusa
  4. MeruJack

    Should I Be Worried?

    I have a female Jackson's Xanth that hooked up with a male for three days during the last week of July. This is the last week of April so she is now 9 months pregnant. I've had the "nursery" ready for three months. Should I be concerned that she hasn't given birth yet? (By the way, I AM...
  5. MeruJack

    My Jackson's is 8 months pregnant

    On Wednesday, my Jackson's Xantholophus will be 8 months pregnant. Should I be worried that she hasn't given birth yet? She is somewhat active and is still eating. I've had the "nursery" set up for two months thinking that she would have had them by now. She appears healthy and not overly...
  6. J

    Which type of jackson is this male and female?

    Ok. Thank you to Chris Anderson for answering my last thread, hope he or someone else can answer this for me. There is a guy selling a breeding pair of Mt meru Jackson chameleons. Looking at the photos im convinced that the male is a Jacksonii jacksonii not a jacksonii merumontanus. The...
  7. DekuScrub

    dear people that have bred jacksons,

    ive been meaning to ask what sort of behaviors should i be looking for post labor? gravid coloration and restlessness? or do they just pop out? i havent been able to find detailed information on the matter on these here interwebs. i tried breeding jacksons once (twice including right now)...
  8. Juvenile Jackson's Chameleon

    Juvenile Jackson's Chameleon

    His name is Jax.
  9. The Escape Artist Exploring The Bavk Yard

    The Escape Artist Exploring The Bavk Yard

    This guy is very curious, and always ready to explore!
  10. I Want To Be ...

    I Want To Be ...

    Monty's beard!
  11. Sunshine At Last!

    Sunshine At Last!

    Monty out in the sunshine after a long winter!
  12. Mmmmm!  Drinkies!

    Mmmmm! Drinkies!

    Monty enjoying a misting session!
  13. Monty The Red Nosed Chameleon!

    Monty The Red Nosed Chameleon!

  14. Monty


    J. Xantholophus outside
  15. Enjoying The Sun

    Enjoying The Sun

    Extra friendly 14 months old Xantholophus Franko in the garden
  16. Horns Rule!

    Horns Rule!

    Monty posing again!
  17. Monty's 4th Shed

    Monty's 4th Shed

    Juvenile J. Xantholophus undergoing his 4th shed.
  18. Say Cheese!

    Say Cheese!

    Eyes forward!
  19. Little Poser!

    Little Poser!

    Baby male Jackson posing for the camera.
  20. Sad Montysaurus!

    Sad Montysaurus!

    Baby Jackson male
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