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  1. Texas Ranger

    US F1 WC Alamo Ranger Ambanja’s babies ready to go.

    I have some amazing Ambanja’s ready to fly to there new homes. The sire is our Wild caught male Alamo Ranger X WC titan line(Brian Stewart line). They are 3 month old plus. I have a few posted on our website link sheared below. But have a few more as well. Message ,email or go to our site to...
  2. LLLReptile

    Can we talk about Senegals?

    Who else has some? How old are yours, what do you keep them in, where'd you get em, tell me about them! I just picked up a couple to replace the Veileds in the vivarium on my work desk, and I'm curious about other people's experience with them. Fairly certain mine are female, I'll be...
  3. P

    WC Red Bar Ambilobe

    This is our biggest Panther. He's also turning out to be pretty stunning.
  4. P

    Our WC Blue Bar Ambilobe: Blue Fire

  5. P

    Newest WC Ambanja Male

    This guy is acclimating quite nicely!
  6. P

    Our Sambava, Nero, and our Stunning WC Blue Bar Ambilobe

    Sambava named Nero, came to us from from CricketKilla. Firing roughly halfway. The yellow gets richer, bands turn red/burgundy, and the U bar becomes more clearly defined when he's fully firing, but this is a good preview. This is the awesome WC Ambilobe that we picked up from Red Island...
  7. J

    Ambanja, Ambilobe, Nosy Be WC Males arrived yesterday

    These guys are fresh from Madagascar and some made it in better shape than others. We wanted post these pics as "day 0" -- hopefully over the next few months all will be adjusting well to captivity... getting more healthy and showing even richer colors. We also received 13 females that we'll...
  8. Seeco

    DONT DO IT -- My Thoughts On Buying Wild Caught Chameleons

    I of course got my project started by purchasing Wild Caught animals but the harvesting of a free living wild animal is a bad and painful thing. Many die in the process. What I am arguing for is that WC chameleons be purchased strictly for developing captive breeding programs on a professional...
  9. Seeco

    Great article about chameleon harvesting in africa

    This article has some great info and images and charts. No sure how impartial it is though: http://herpconbio.org/Volume_6/Issue_3/Patrick_etal_2011.pdf What do you think about harvesting for the pet trade? . . .
  10. summoner12

    New Melleri: Sam and Alex

    This weekend at the NARBC show in Anaheim I acquired two melleri. Both are WC . One is a bit beat up compared to the other. Sam is an adult and Alex is a juvenile. We went with ambiguous names as is our tradition since we don't know the sex of them. I don't have many pics of Alex yet... but...
  11. CNorton

    Keeping Kinyongias

    I recently lost a WC Kinyongia Matschiei that appeared to have died by either parasites or some other unknown reason. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions from experience keepers that are familiar with Multituberculata Fischeri, Matschiei, Tavetanum, Tenue, Uthmoelleri, or even those...
  12. DJnSoCal

    Bart, WC Nosy Faly

    Had him outside today getting misted and enjoying some natural sunlight... I need a new camera! :) Oh, and a short video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoV8-zF3eUU Hope you enjoy!
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