vitamin a

  1. Galaxy

    Vet Visit: Vitamin A Deficiency

    Earlier in the week I'd noticed Osiris having problems with his eyes. Lots of blinking and rubbing on vines, a bit of fluid in one that I cleared up with some saline solution. He'd also been swallowing a lot. Being the paranoid 'parent' that I am, I took my VERY angry little lizard into the vet...
  2. Tay And A

    Advice needed on vitamin A

    Vitamin a liquid So my husband has been wanting me to ask this question: Would putting the vitamin a oil from a pill Hurt a chameleon in any way? Such as if you rubbed it on their casque, veil, body, Etc.? We know that you can give it to them orally to help with nutrition and such, but can...
  3. summoner12

    Vit A

    I picked up two types of vitamins I plan to feed to my crickets, super worms and dubia. The first is Nature Made brand Vit. A gel caps at 8000IU Ingredients: Soybean oil Gelatin (non-bovine) Glycerin Fish liver oil (sardine) Water The second is Sundown Naturals fish oil 1000mg...
  4. mczoo

    Vitamin scares me

    I am gennerally a proponet of first do no harm, Vitamin A scares me due to the small range between therapeutic and toxic according to the posts i have read. in human medicine recommendations are usually ranked by level of evidence such a double blind placebo controlled randomized trials...
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