1. Rufi0


    Had a little fun editing a video I took of Nosy during his outside his cage time. :D He is a such a little marauder
  2. Decadancin

    Zaphod's enclosure Video

    Here's a link to my video showing Zaphod's home. He's real happy with his new Hibiscus, but you'll have to take my word for it. (You can't see much of him in the vid!) If you look real close you can see his tail at the very end (and some other parts :o) Thanks for watching and let me know what...
  3. gperlman

    Otto Blue Bar Panther Color Change

    So otto saw his first male chameleon the other day while I watching my friends Veiled, and i swear since then his colors have been much brighter. Well i took him in the bathroom to get some extra humidity and he saw his reflection, and you all know what happens next. He gets extremely big and...
  4. M

    The Season For Cage Builds

    Well, I too am building a new chamy cage for our future veiled. I started this a while ago but ran into some design problems. Putting it up for the winter, I re-thought the ideas and have come up with a new design. The overall is 2'x2'x4'. It will have a 2'x2' drain pan in the bottom with...
  5. Zajlol

    friendly chameleon (video)

    this is my 6 month old sambava panther chameleon he is super friendly!! i know people say not to hold your cham but mine loves to be held and come out of his cage i hold him almost everyday and he is NEVER stressed!! once i open his cage he comes right out!! when i open it to feed him in the...
  6. Zajlol

    update on my sambava panther(video)

    hey guys this is an update on my sambava he is now 6 months old and so much brighter!!! check out this video.
  7. vindicatedornot

    New Fry Video

    I took a video for a few people asking about fry, and for my own personal records. I show some of Fry, Fry's Cage, and some more Fry. lol. Please enjoy. Also, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Again.. I'd like to say, i do NOT normally handle him at all. Just wanted to record a quick...
  8. SoCaliSon

    Video of Elwood!

    Here is a Vid I took of Elwood! Hope you enjoy... Disclaimer: Please excuse the shotty camera work!!!:o
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