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I took a video for a few people asking about fry, and for my own personal records. I show some of Fry, Fry's Cage, and some more Fry. lol. Please enjoy.
Also, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Again.. I'd like to say, i do NOT normally handle him at all. Just wanted to record a quick video. And please no hating on my horrible video quality and unsteady hand =P


I attached some pics of him at 3 months, 5 months, and 7 months. He's coloring up wonderfully! I'm so happy



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Wow!he's got so big....i remember seeing your first video of him(the one you where you opened the box with a knife!!i was holding my breath LOL!!)well done his set up looks great


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Wow! I can't wait to see him when he's got all his colors in a few months! Who's he from?


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I remember watching the first video you made when they delivered Fry!:) It was very cute and you were so excited!:D Looks like you and Fry have come a long way since then, and fry is very lucky to have a keeper like you. Fry's colors are amazing, and he looks like a fiesty little guy! I also think you did a fantastic job on that cage design and it really looks like a jungle in there!:) I look forward to the next edition in the "Adventures of Fry and Andrea" series!:D Keep up the great work!;)



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Aww thanks! I had no idea how much i was going to love fry, but from the moment I had him I put everything I had into his well being. Looks like its paid off. He is really diggin' his cage and I'm progressing on gaining his trust every day. Chameleons really are an 'awesone' pet. I am so excited to see how he's going to turn out. He's going to look sick.

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That is such a cool cage! I never considered baking sticks in an oven before. I will try that this weekend.

I am totally glad I joined this forum. I learn more and more everyday.

Your chameleon is going to live a long spoiled life! Great job!
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