veiled chameleon care

  1. How I Got My Chameleon: STORY TIME

    How I Got My Chameleon: STORY TIME

    Remember to watch this video in HD to get better quality! Hey everyone, this video is a fun story time video that I wanted to share with you all on how Carlo...
  2. Tymeleon

    Baby Veiled Chameleon Care

    Hey Guys! This video will show you how to care for your baby veiled chameleon! Baby Veiled Chameleon Care NOTE PLEASE DO MORE REASEARCH THAN WATCHING THIS VIDEO BEFORE YOU GET A CHAMELEON!! Thanks! :cool:
  3. LLLReptile

    Barney the Veiled Chameleon and the many failed photo ops

    Ahh, all the failed attempts at good pictures as Barney the Angry Veiled Chameleon has grown up... He was good for the first month, and then as he got older he's gotten angrier and angrier about his picture being taken... "I can't eat now that you're watching!" Now...
  4. Captive Creations

    I came across this care sheet for veiled chameleons...

    I came across a very well written care sheet for veiled chameleons and thought it would be very resourceful for new veiled chameleon owners looking for care information. Here is the link: it is written by Richard Brooks.
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